Starting Over

Well - not exactly starting over. I meant to continue where I left off before leaving to Wonder and Wander, but that just hasn't happened. Through some months of conversation and serious deep introspection, I've come to realize that my personal nagging drive to finish a project like the one-a-day-365 that I started a couple years ago is maybe a little overhyped. I don't need to finish it. It served its purpose during the time it needed to and now I'm free to continue it, if/when I feel like it, and also let this little untelligent blog expand into whatever it needs to be right now. Namely, a place to post some things I've been working on that aren't quite portfolio material, aren't quite in the portfolio yet, or are just curious little bits and bobs that seem, for whatever reason, worth posting.

So with that, I'm free and moving on. Here's a thing I just finished. It's a rock poster, maybe my favorite medium of all time, for The Lonely Forest's upcoming show in Seattle.