Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2

As an in-house designer at ArenaNet, I was privileged to be part of the incredibly talented UI Art and Marketing teams working on the triple-A rated fantasy MMO, Guild Wars 2. I had my hands on countless projects—everything from web banners to letterpress invitations, logotypes to lanyards, with a dash of in-game UI just for good measure. 

From launch, in August 2012, Guild Wars 2 released a new episode of playable content every two weeks through well into 2014. I worked on a design team of two to produce a new logotype (in four languages!), release page and all the corresponding digital marketing materials for every release, tallying up to over thirty releases. 

As we geared up for the release of the first full-blown expansion to the game, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, I was part of the team that helped define the evolution of the entire brand—colors, voice, look & feel. In addition, I redesigned, branded one of the studio's bi-weekly livestream shows, worked on re-writing the Guild Wars 2 brand style guide, and served as a design liaison through the game's launch in China.


The page designs for "Blood and Madness", "Super Adventure Box", and "Clockwork Chaos" were a team effort with William Johnson. The Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns logo was the brainchild of UI team lead Lucas Nalker, and I got to contribute by way of adapting the logotype from the original Guild Wars 2 logo. Daniel Dociu was our Art Director through all of it. 



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