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In the spring of 2018 it became clear that it was time for HMC to become its own client and look toward a redesign of the website. I ended up taking the reins on what ended up being a tremendously gratifying project seeing it through from initial sketches to final content uploading.

The site is built in Wordpress with a clean and fairly small structure and a handful of fun little bells and whistles. Case study pages are modular so the size and types of images uploaded should be able to accommodate a wide variety of work, both now and in the future. Aside from representing the company and our work in the best way possible, my main goals were to A) simplify, B) make it feel consistently activated, and C) make it easy enough to update work that work would actually get updated. I’d believe all three were achieved. See it live in action at


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Amy Klinger


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Rick Machanic & Olga Ardova


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