Web Design

A Selection of Web Site and Landing Page Work

Between ArenaNet and HMC Advertising, I've gotten to work on webpages and sites in a variety of brand styles and with a broad array of UI challenges. How do you get people to hit the slopes? How do you get them info on their game account? How do you improve the experience and navigability of an existing site on teen drug and alcohol use, while also adding and improving content? Here are my results



Middlesex Savings Bank

Brand Launch Mugs

Middlesex Savings Bank was about to roll out new brand positioning. To kickstart the effort, we wanted employees to personally embrace the new campaign. 

For the internal launch event, roughly 580 employees received a custom mug featuring their branch’s town (27 in all). Each mug featured an illustration and hand-lettered town name on the front, while the back of each mug connected the dots with a unique and quirky true story from the town. All bringing it back to the bank's new tagline, "Right there with you."

In early 2018, the campaign will extend to customers and the broader market by way of local coffee shops. The aim is for customers to truly understand how much a part of the community their local, community bank is—something they probably hadn't  really considered.



Middlesex Savings Bank

Video Storyboarding

Middlesex Savings Bank needed a couple videos to highlight their Mortgage and Retirement offerings. This one got interesting in that it landed in an interim space where we were still using their old look and feel, while trying to also dial it back to prep for the new brand positioning launch. 

Working off of a script from our copywriter, I created the visual concepts and storyboards, and then art directed our animation wiz to see them to fruition.





Pain Management Provider Posters

Tasked with walking the fine line between the crisis that overprescribing opioids creates and the need to help patients feel as pain-free as possible, these three posters (one each for pediatricians, dentists, and general practitioners) took the challenge head on.

Working with a copywriter, we came up with four separate concepts, all of which had their own strategies. Ultimately, the client went with the most straightforward of the concepts (top), which featured the custom work of a talented illustrator in Germany.  The client was happy, the account manager was happy, but I'd be lying if I said it was my favorite.


HMC Advertising

Beat Yesterday Mural

Every now and again I think it's important to break out of the routine and try something new just for the fun of it. I proposed a wall mural to (hopefully) help motivate and inspire a company going through a little bit of a rough patch. 26 hours, half a case of sparkling water, and some metallic gold paint later: voilà—my first mural.



ArenaNet / Guild Wars 2

Living World Release Pages

At ArenaNet, we put out a game release (think along the lines of a new episode of Game of Thrones) every two weeks. Each one was accompanied by a fully themed and designed landing page with a custom logo. These are a few of my favorites.